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How It All Began

Our story begins with a dream, a Craigslist ad, a click of a button, and a trip to Tijuana-Mexico where our first Mexican sushi cart was purchased in 2010. And it is so, that in 2011 our sushi cart once known as “Sushi-Island” transformed itself into who we are today, “EL SUSHI LOCO”. A place where we provide quality food, quality service, and a quality family friendly time. Make it simple…Make it different… Make it good…Enjoy your visit at EL SUSHI LOCO SUSHI Y MARISCOS

why elsushi loco?

Our mission is to delight every customer with a unique experience At El Sushi Loco, we strive every day to give each customer the best food and service the moment they walk through our doors. Each member of the El Sushi Loco team is dedicated to the El Sushi Loco mission statement, and prepared to wow our guests with exceptional service and extra-delicious cuisine! Come and visit your local El Sushi loco today!


Our liaison with assorted sushi commenced in 1989 when we began our restaurant with a dream. A Craigslist ad and a trip to Tijuana-Mexico led to the fruition of our first Mexican sushi cart. We purchased it in the year 2010.

Break through

What began as a small sushi cart slowly transformed into a ‘Sushi Island.’ Today, it is known as EL SUSHI LOCO. We offer delicious food in a pleasant ambiance.

New locations

The success of our restaurant has manifested wonderfully as we continue to open new restaurants in diverse locations.

Our menus

We revere our customers. Their reviews have helped us revisit our menu to come out with an exciting range of seafood delicacies. Each dish exudes the magic of Mexican flavors.

Modern days

We continue to surpass the exacting standards that we have set for ourselves. We endeavour to reinvent food every day, attuned to the modern Mexican flavors that we are loved for.