Delivery Services: Crusaders For El Sushi Loco Restaurants During Covid-19 Outbreak

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In the wake of the Coronavirus disease outbreak, food outlets and chains of restaurants, as well as supermarkets, have been hit the worse. Everywhere, restaurants are shutting down for the safety of customers and the general public who have been sincerely requested to remain indoors. The public is asked to stay put and venture out only in dire circumstances wherein your need is for essential goods.


The need to shut down major restaurants stems from the essential requirement to maintain the quarantine situation. The need of the hour is social distancing to a large extent. Even though the restaurants in Pomona and the neighboring towns have been closed down, the food delivery services are always around to help you with your hunger pangs!


Our restaurant El Sushi Loco has been closed down as per the mandatory shutdown of eateries following the safety guidelines of the measures enforced by the government. The plan is underway due to the widespread panic of the crowds as a result of the exposure to the novel Coronavirus strain. The restaurant in Pomona, Downey, and La Puente has always been a favorite with the crowds. We wish to continue to please you in the middle of the outbreak too.


Even though the doors of the restaurants have been shut down, we have coordinated with the delivery services like Ubereats, Grub, Eat24, and Doordash to deliver food at your doorstep. We have taken appropriate measures to maintain the safety and hygiene of the food during and after the preparation of the food. The delivery executives are trained personnel, well-equipped to handle the food and deliveries. Neither you nor your family will get exposed to the risk of contracting the extremely infectious viral strain.


It is genuinely testing times, and all we can do as a community and society, as a whole, is to adhere to the social distancing rule strictly. The thumb rule is to ascertain the safety of the crowd. And to avoid the worse, it is necessary to be debunking the myths around the virus strain. It is of utmost importance to understand why the particular measure has been adopted and needs to be taken seriously. In such turbulent times, rumors should not be spread, and one should throw caution to the winds while verifying the source of news.  


For all of you concerned about the access to the restaurants, we have ensured that you are not alone and get served no matter what the situation. You can always use Google to know the status of the ‘restaurant near me’ and be aware of all of the restaurants that are open for delivery at such times. The dining in option has been severely affected, and the restaurants across California have not flouted any norms in this case.

It is in the best interest to keep the restaurants shut since human contact gets reduced to a great extent. The governor and the whole team of professionals have time and again emphasized the need to maintain a safe and necessary distance from crowds and individuals on the whole. The healthcare workers are working towards developing a cure or a vaccine, and till either is ready, proactive measures of quarantine have been imposed on the commoners.


The delivery services are ready and at your service to serve all your needs in terms of food. It is one of the most rampantly enforced shutdowns. The takeout and delivery option is active so that people are satisfied when their cravings take home in their minds. The challenge of the hour is that as more and more restaurants are shutting down, services are being affected. 


Still, as loyal customers, we kindly request you not to worry as delivery teams will come to your rescue. The delivery teams are sensitized to the issue. They need to be treated with care so that they remain working at it tirelessly. They, too, are aware of the situation and are well-trained in the frontier of maintaining personal sanitation and hygiene.


They have even been instructed to leave the packets at the door so that contactless delivery is maintained. The delivery executives can be contacted and told about your inhibitions so that there is no issue whatsoever. Further, they are provided with gloves and masks along with alcohol-based sanitizers so that the delivery executives do not end up becoming a medium for the transfer of the virus.


All of you are our priority, and we assure you that the delivery services will be a call away. Make sure to order your favorites through the delivery apps, and we guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. We will try our level best that you do not feel helpless when you cannot control your cravings. It is crazy enough that you have to stay indoors, so we would not want to see you dejected during this time. It is temporary, and this too shall pass, but only with your co-operation and support can we fight it.


The decision to keep the outlets closed has been taken voluntarily, and we would appreciate it if you would understand and support us today and in the days to come. The next few days are very crucial, and we will need your constant support so that the measures taken on a timely basis do not go to waste. We urge you to stay indoors and use mobile applications for delivering food at your doorstep. Not only is it smooth and convenient but also safe for you and your near and dear ones.


The anxiety and panic are palpable in such a situation. Still, in our constant endeavor to keep a smile on your faces, we have ensured that you do not miss out on a meal or two. It is a crusade, nonetheless, but as we said, we are all in this together. All we request is a little patience and a lot of time to stay afloat. We will fight through it and emerge stronger than ever!




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