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Delighting every customer with extraordinary dishes is the main motto of EL Sushi Loco Pomona restaurant in California, United States. Apart from Pomona, you can also find the other outlets in Downey and La Puente in California. There are options for you to choose any of these outlets in the restaurant near you. This restaurant in Pomona is famous for its seafood delicacies, rolls, and much more. Food is not only the main attraction. The excellent customer service of the staff adds to the reputation and fame of the restaurant. So if you are searching on your phone with the option ‘restaurant near me’, this will be the best choice for you.

The journey of El Sushi Loco restaurant in Pomona began on a cart in the year 2010. The then name of El Sushi Loco was “Sushi Island.” Sushi Island transformed into EL Sushi Loco in the year 2011.

EI Sushi Loco Restaurant in Pomona offers an array of dishes with a blend of different Mexican flavors. However, the unique and main attraction is the Japanese savory taste of “sushi.” The authentic dishes of El Sushi Loco Pomona also offer varieties by combining the Mexican and Japanese flavors. These dishes portray not only taste but two different cultures! If you ask yourself, “Where can I find the best restaurant near me for Mexican and Japanese flavors and its fusion?” then this is the place where you should visit.

 To revamp your taste buds, you must try the unique street food items and the most authentic Mexican sushi rolls. The best and most popular among these are the Tocino Roll, Carne Asada Roll, and the Pollo Asada Roll.

Tocino is the Spanish word for bacon. It is the meat cut into thin slices from the belly of pork. You might be thinking why this dish exists in a restaurant that has sushi in its name? Well, to answer that, the structure and makeup of the Tocino Roll resemble that of sushi: wrapped fish. El Sushi Loco serves the roll with a twist of theirs, by giving it a different flavor structure that is sure to hit you in the senses. The Tocino Roll available in the El Sushi Loco restaurant in Pomona has shrimp fillings seasoned with spicy and sweet sauce. El Sushi Loco prepares the sauce all by themselves. 

 The use of molten Monterey cheese, Serrano peppers, and avocado add to the deliciousness of the authentic roll. The roll with all the appropriate ingredients is baked to give it perfection. The lip-smacking roll arrives at your table garnished with lemon fried onions.  

It took a lot of trial and error to reach the final recipe of the Tocino roll. The sauce is self-made, which means it is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet flavors. This choice of flavors was intentional because bacon deserves a sweet honey-based sauce. The shrimp is usually paired with a slightly spicy and tangy sauce. The combination elevates the taste of both the bacon and the shrimp. The Tocino roll is drenched in melted Monterey cheese, which will soothe your tongue! It has a mild flavor that does not overpower the flavors of the delicate shrimp and the bacon. 

The cheese also has some inherent sweetness that makes it taste different from the other cheeses. It is loaded with Serrano peppers, which make the rolls extra spicy. To add to the sushi traits of the roll, it contains a bit of Avogadro. The roll is a tasty treat for the millennial taste buds and is a delight for the people who like to experiment and try out new food. 

The next two Mexican sushi rolls on our list are the Carne Asada roll and the Pollo Asado roll. These street food delicacies make this restaurant stand out in the crowd of all other restaurants in Pomona. These two Mexican sushi rolls are variations of the delicious Tocino roll. The main motive for us to create these two dishes was to provide our customers with different combinations of meat within the main spinoff of the Tocino roll. The Carne Asada uses steak while the Pollo Asado uses chicken. Each meat gives each of the dishes their own uniqueness in style and taste. It fulfills the preference of each ingredient and caters to these unique blends of chicken and sauce to them.

The Carne Asada roll makes use of delicious 6oz steak, which is freshly cut and made. The freshness helps preserve the juices of the steak to make it ever so moist and delicious. This roll is specialized for the people who want to ride along with the spicy taste, minus the sweet flavors found in the Tocino roll. 

These variants of Mexican sushi rolls are loaded with molten Monterey cheese, avocado, and Serrano peppers. It is topped with sesame seeds to give it a beautiful texture, which is both photogenic and feels good within the mouth. Again the combination of the Monterey cheese with the spicy peppers and the fruity avocado makes the dish taste nothing like the other kind of rolls. It is sure to fail those other rolls in a taste test of especially the millennial. 

 The other roll on the list is the Pollo Asado roll. This roll is made of chicken. The chicken in itself has a different kind of taste to it. Along with that, it is incredibly soft and can retain a high amount of juices within them. With the use of chicken, it was essential that we bring back our in house sauce to the ball game. The Pollo Asado includes the other usual ingredients of the Tocino roll, which are the Monterey cheese, the avocados, and the Serrano peppers. This roll is by the juiciest roll that is proven to induce finger-licks and warm-hearted feelings of joy while eating it.

These three Mexican sushi rolls, which are the main attraction of this restaurant in Pomona, are baked to perfection and are served with onions. The Tocino roll uses lemon fried onions while the Carne Asada and the Pollo Asado are served along with grilled lemon fried onions. The intention of using this special topping was to give the rolls a different kind of taste and texture — a bit of crunch to be precise.  

The unique combinations make each of the rolls equally appealing to everyone who visits El Sushi Loco restaurant in Pomona, because of the different meat used. Besides, that food gets even tastier if you successfully experiment with it. The aroma of grilled lemon fried onions is sure to stimulate your taste buds and make you drool! 

Your job is to visit El Sushi Loco Pomona restaurant and experience these authentic, unforgettable flavors! There are many restaurants in Pomona, but in El Sushi Loco Pomona, not only the food but their excellent customer service will also leave you awestruck for sure! Therefore the next time you ask anywhere about the best restaurant near me, our outlet will be ready to serve you mouth-watering variants of Mexican sushi roll! 



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