El Sushi Loco’s Taco Tuesday and Daily Specials

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El Sushi Loco delights the customers with extraordinary taste and mouth-watering dishes and its location in Pomona, California. You can find the other branches of this restaurant in La Puente and Downey too. You can select the list “restaurant near me” on their website and find the nearest restaurant in California if you want to gorge on the sumptuous meal. El Sushi Loco is one of the best Californian restaurants to mix Mexican and Asian flavors. 


The restaurant in Pomona is famous for its authentic seafood and much more. The customer service is excellent and the reason for the fame of the restaurants in Los Angeles. Even if you search with keywords like “restaurant near me” or “restaurants around me” on Google, El Sushi Loco will be the best option that you can find!


The authentic taste of El Sushi Loco comes from the fusion of Japanese and Mexican flavors. These foods offer not only an array of delicious dishes but also portray the Mexican and Japanese culture. 


The restaurant keeps on researching for the spices and sauces. They always try to come up with incredible new dishes that customers just can’t avoid! It’s one other reason why the customers come back again. Not only food but El Sushi Loco delights the taste buds with their mesmerizing beverages and drinks. The main attraction of this restaurant is Taco Tuesday and Daily Specials, which makes it one of the best restaurants in California.


The restaurants come up with an array of different menus in terms of beverages from Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm. The exclusive item on the menu for Monday is Margaritas, a cocktail made of lime, strawberry, mango, cucumber, and peach available for $3.00 and the authentic beer Tecate Light for $2.50.


Tuesday is for Happy Hour Pina Colada time, where you can enjoy Pina Colada and Dos XX. Wednesday surprises you with the Happy Hour and at the same time, it offers Margaritas along with Budlight. Thursdays are especially for the added delight Adios My Friend which includes Margaritas Bud Light. These items are available at an unbelievable price ranging from $2-$3 only to make your every visit unique and exciting!


The weekend offer is a reason to rush to El Sushi Loco for sure! Any mix drinks you select will be for $3.50, and all beers are available just for $3.00! This offer is valid from 3 pm to 6 pm. 


There are very few restaurants in California that offer good rice. Daily Special offers an array of different varieties of rice. Gohan is white rice with cream cheese, Tampico paste, and avocado. It is smothered with eel sauce and topped with sesame seeds. The other authentic version of Gohan rice is Gohan Special, where white rice is prepared with not only cream cheese and Tampico paste but also with chicken, beef, avocado, and shrimp. It is smothered with eel sauce that makes it delicious!


The varieties of fried rice like Yakimeshi and Yakimeshi Special is sure to win your heart! Yakimeshi is fried rice with mixed veggies. You can order it with shrimp, chicken, beef, or even mixed. The choice is all yours! Yakimeshi Special fried rice is available with cream cheese, beef, mixed veggies, and avocado. But what makes it special is the Tampico paste shrimp. The eel sauce adds to the deliciousness of Yakimeshi Special!


Yaki Loco is another version of fried rice with mixed veggies, bacon, chicken, beef and shrimp. It’s topped with spicy mayo and tempura broccoli on the side, which makes it a lip-smacking menu! A dash of chili powder atop will sway your heart!


Apart from rice, the other main attraction of this restaurant is their street foods. It is quite tough to select one! There are many mouth-watering options to choose from. Carne Asada and Pollo Asada are variants of Mexican sushi rolls and the authentic Tocino Roll. Carne Asada is prepared with 6oz fresh steak. Mixto Roll and Baked Shrimp Roll are exclusive in taste and are the chart-toppers.


The sauce El Sushi Loco uses is self-made and is one of the key factors of the restaurant’s immense popularity. The perfect blend of spice and Monterey cheese is what makes the Mexican rolls unique!


While waiting for your order to reach your table, you can’t afford to miss the appetizers like Oyster Shots, Camarones Cucaracha Pulpo Cucaracha, Tostada De Tuna and Camarones in a Bag are sure to excite you and make you want for more! The restaurant offers a fantastic array of beverages like Michelada XL. These are sure to go well with the rolls and foods that you order!


Botana Del Gordo is a preparation made with raw and cooked shrimp, crab, octopus, and scallops. The marination is made with the restaurant’s self-made Aguachile sauce. The preparation time will make your waiting period longer, but it is worth it! If you are a seafood lover, then you just can’t afford to miss the Molcajete Culichi! Jaiva, scallops, pulpo, abulon, and so on are marinated in the world-famous self-made sauces of El Sushi Loco!


The list of dishes in Daily Specials and Happy Hour seems to be never-ending! The menu card portrays different dishes like Sushi Loco, Yaki Loco, Crispy Chicken, Emperador, Tres Quesos, Bolly rolls, and Crunchy Rolls. The price ranges from $5-$7 approximately. Every dish and beverage assure to soothe your taste buds! 


If you want excellent quality and excellent service within your nearest restaurants, then El Sushi Loco is the perfect place you can choose! The use of Monterey cheese, avocado, Serrano peppers, and a dash of chilly flakes and, most importantly, the use of self-made authentic sauces of El Sushi Loco adds to the deliciousness of all the lip-smacking dishes! The perfect blend of every ingredient adds to the amazingly excellent taste! 


When you search with options like “restaurant near me” or “restaurants around me” or the nearest restaurants, the variants that El Sushi Loco restaurants offer will lure you to this place every time! That is what makes El Sushi Loco so special. It stands out from all the other restaurants in California! El Sushi Loco guarantees to delight every taste bud, be it young or old!







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