El Sushi Loco Sushi y Mariscos – La Puente

Here at El Sushi Loco La Puente, our mission is to delight every customer we serve with an extraordinary experience.
With our fusion cuisine, we take the flavors traditional to Mexican and Japanese dishes and combine them in new and extraordinary ways.
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La Puente

15711 Amar Rd, La Puente, CA 91744
  • (626) 333-2332
  • (626) 333-2300

Hours Of Operation

  • Tuesday – Thursday 11 am – 8 pm
  • Friday – Sunday 11 am – 9 pm
  • Monday Closed 



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Recent Reviews For El Sushi Loco La Puente

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First time here and they offered excellent customer service and suggestions. The food wasnt something I typically eat but it was very delicious. I would recommend this place.
03:51 21 Jul 19
This restaurant is clearly one of the best place to eat in the region. Every time I come there I am absolutely glad. They keep their very high level service and the highest level of food they give. You will be always satisfied with this restaurant. Warmly recommended.
Isaac Huff
Isaac Huff
15:44 15 Jan 20
I am a sushi lover and when one opens up I pay a visit. I first came to El Sushi Loco Years ago when it first popped up in La Puente. It was a very small location with interesting dishes taking classic Japanese rolls and given them a little Mexican flare. Back then the owner was the one serving up customers and making small talk but now there is a lovely young lady taking his place, same kind of attention to customer care as I remember the owner giving to us back when he had just opened up. I had not visited this place in a long time but my dad kept raving about the Emperador roll that we had to come kill the craving. This place has not lost its touch the Emperador is a delicious slightly baked roll with imitation crab, diced carrots to top it off and plenty of sauce. As soon as they opened we ordered for pick and it was quite for a few minutes then came a small crowd of people trying to get their sushi fix before the evening crowds came in. This location is very large and  gets very busy they even have valet parking  at night. The food is great, the service is great and most importantly you, me, we, are supporting a local business that started very small and now has expanded to 3 locations. Great place.
tee tea
tee tea
03:50 09 Aug 19
We came to this place for a meeting. my friend recommended this spot. Well, it was a winning. The crew were very polite and we felt fantastic. The food was just great. We had a great time and we shall definitely come back again. Recommended.
Nicholas Roe
Nicholas Roe
16:41 30 Dec 19
I had been wanting to come here since forever and now I'm here an loving it. The place is clean, great service and truly amazing food. We had the Barquito Loco split between 3 people easily. It was so good we wanted more. The ceviche was also very delicious an fresh. Can't wait to come back...
Ofelia Ramos
Ofelia Ramos
21:50 03 Nov 19

El Sushi Loco


Our story begins with a dream, a Craigslist ad, a click of a button, and a trip to Tijuana-Mexico where our first Mexican sushi cart was purchased in 2010. And it is so, that in 2011 our sushi cart once known as “Sushi-Island” transformed itself into who we are today, “EL SUSHI LOCO”. A place where we provide quality food, quality service, and a quality family friendly time. We make it our personal goal to provide every customer that walks through the door with the El Sushi Loco experience- fantastic service, exceptional food, and above all, smiling faces and a taste that will leave you hungry for more.

We take pride in our fusion cuisine, combining the spicy zest from Mexican dishes with the savory and sweet combinations often found in Japanese dishes. With each coming day, we are working to cultivate the new and exciting. Enjoy your visit at EL SUSHI LOCO!



Fresh shrimp marinated in chipotle, cheese, mushrooms, onions
380 calories$ 13.99


Delicious scallops, abulon, shrimp, pulpo, jaiva
380 calories$ 25.99


Scallops, pulpo, abulon, jaiva, cooked shrimp, raw shrimp, cucumber
380 calories$ 15.99


Red onions, avocado, cucumber, crushed peppers and raw shrimp
380 calories$ 13.99

Fresh shrimp marinated in chipotle, cheese, mushrooms, onions, served with salad and rice


Red onions, avocado, cucumber, crushed peppers and raw shrimp marinated on our special Aguachile sauce